CNN Creates Ad Campaign To Critisize Donald Trump and Its a Total Lie!


Fun fact.

While i am typing this right now, i am also peering through today’s articles on and cant help but see some trends in their news reporting. For example, most of the articles you see on the website are Donald Trump related. In fact, their main page features a monologue from Don Lemon telling Trump that enough is enough.

There are also a list of articles in their side panel, which features ridiculous worded titles like, White House explains why condolence letters were expedited, and, ” Analysis: Donald Trump just hit a new low, and while i do respect our military veterans and their families, i don’t see why all this is being publicized.

Keep in mind that i’m not saying that Trump’s actions weren’t deplorable and he probably could have worded himself differently, but this woman’s pain and other military families pain isn’t something we need to be publicizing and making a circus out of.

With that being said, its pretty clear that gets their kicks from doing biased analysis after biased analysis on  Donald Trump and his actions. Its also very clear that after Donald Trump labeled them fake news during a conference that the are eager to resurrect their already dead reputation.

Unfortunately for CNN, their mission to be taken seriously hit a huge backfire with their new, facts first campaign, which is said to be in response to Trump’s fake news comments and its followed up with the release of one of the most ridiculous memo’s i’ve ever seen.

According to an article by,”CNN chief Jeff Zucker urged that they share the campaign launch on social media and “keep in mind the spirit of its message in your work every day.”  With that in mind its hard to imagine that they are doing anything else but lying to themselves in the entirety of this memo.

In recent months, I’ve been approached by many of you suggesting that we do a marketing campaign for CNN a memo to the company’s employees read,” While significant research shows that our brand, despite consistent attacks from Washington and beyond, has never been stronger, we heard you and we agree. In fact, CNN has never been more relevant, and the institution of journalism has never been more important to the national conversation. As a result, we think there is no better time to take a clear stand for who we are and what we believe in. So today we are launching Facts First.”

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