Amy Earnhardt Caught Making Extremely Inappropriate Comment On Twitter


We all make mistakes and we just need to hold our self’s  accountable for our actions, learn from it and apologize for the wrong done to the other person or multiple people harmed in a given situation. The only question is, will Amy Earnhardt be capable of doing that after sending out a mean tweet on twitter.

Unfortunately for Amy Earnhardt, she made a particularly bad mistake when she decided to send out a mean tweet to her 162k followers that basically made fun of an unnamed woman for crapping her pants on a flight. Of course Earnhardt’s fans didn’t see it that way and just chalked it up to her over sensitive  pregnancy nose.

With that being said, it just seemed like it was in bad taste and not very becoming of someone who is going to be around the sport of NASCAR, along with her husband, Dale Earnhardt Jr, for a long time. Furthermore, she is by extension a representation of the sport and sending out the tweet is no way to represent it.

Amy even got some backlash from fans over the comment she made on twitter last week and one fan  decided to tweet her back to call her out on the incident. Of course most fans think that Amy was perfectly within her rights, especially since she is pregnant and most likely sensitive to bad smells, but one fan let her have it anyway!


Sure, disagree if you want and say that Mrs. Earnhardt shouldn’t be thrust into the limelight over something so ridiuclously stupid and trivial,  but just imagine how the person she was talking about would have felt if they ever went on twitter and saw the tweet.

Furthermore, imagine the person’s disbelief when they find out that the woman would basically embarrassed her on the internet is married to one of the most popular and successful NASCAR drivers of all time. Doesn’t that represent the sport in a negative way and make it seem like these bullying comments are OK?

In the end, Amy Earnhardt is not a mean person and this is in no way a reflection of her as a person, but she needs to understand that she is representing the sport, and her husband online and out in public. She needs to also understand that her words may have hurt someone and was in poor taste.

Whether she likes it or not, she is a celebrity now. She will unfortunately be subjugated to the same scrutiny as any other celebrity before her. Again, this is probably not a reflection of her personality and is most likely a one off, but she really needs to watch her words when people are watching her.

Otherwise, incidents like this will most likely continue to happen.

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