Reason Why Cody and Jessica Couldn’t Embrace Until The End Of The Show Revealed


The meatball won.

That’s right! 9 bitter house guests somehow weren’t able to put their feelings aside and voted 5-4 for Josh to take home the grand prize and be crowned the winner of Big Brother 19. While that’s a huge accomplishment in and of itself, it was sadly overshadowed by Team Jody

In fact, Cody, who ended up giving the season deciding vote to Josh to ruin Paul’s chances of winning the game, got the last laugh when he was picked to win ¬†American Favorite player by The Big Brother audience. Cody and Jessica just stood there with a huge grin on their face as Cody was awarded 25,000 dollars and named America’s favorite player

Apparently that’s what everyone wanted to see, especially since Cody was seemingly voted AFP out of spite for the way Paul played the game all season long, but the moment seemed a little to unreal to believe. Almost like the show had planned it in advance in case Paul actually won the game.

Think about it for a second! Julie Chen stated when the jury and the not jury came face to face for questions about the season and the finale vote, that Jessica and Cody would not be able to embrace until the end of the show. Of course the moment was played off as joking, but Jessica and Cody did end up waiting to embrace.

Doesn’t that seem a little to staged for anyone else that watched the finale on Wednesday night? Wasn’t it as if Big Brother did it to give Cody the last laugh that he had won AFP and got to celebrate with a kiss from his showmance/ new girlfriend, Jessica?

They won the money, they won the attention and Jessica even won a spot on another reality show that she is sure to grab people’s attention with her bold attitude and beautiful looks. They won it all ¬†and its pretty safe to say they also came away with the last laugh

In the end, Cody and Jessica Finally embracing after months apart was something everyone wanted to see, but watching Paul ultimately lose at the hands of Cody’s deciding vote and then be named AFP had to be the cheery on top for a bitter Big Brother audience that just couldn’t stand the thought of Paul winning the game.

Instead, they gave the game to the big meatball in spite.



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