Popular Evicted Houseguest Reveals Who They Will Vote For On Finale Night



While fans of Big Brother probably saw the move coming from a mile away, especially since Paul had talked for weeks about taking Jason Dent in order to make Alex more dependent on Paul and HIS game, Dent never got the message and was completely blindsided when he was sent home.

Unfortunately for Big Brother 19’s cult leader, Paul, the blindside has apparently left the rodeo clown a little sour about how everything turned out. In fact, he even revealed his jury vote two weeks early during his interview with The Hollywood Reporter and its not looking good for the bearded one.

“Yes, it’ll definitely impact my jury vote.” Dent told the THR when asked about the blindside, “There’s no clear reason why Paul and Alex would go against the final deal. I put most of the jury members on the block or in there. It offsets the fact they were assholes to half of them. I don’t understand their need to bust our alliance. If it’s Paul or Alex up there… unless it’s the pair of them together, I’ll have to do some thinking, but if it’s them and anyone else, anyone else will win in my book.”

While its understandable that Dent would be upset about the blindside, especially since it really didn’t even need to happen in the first place, but to hold that against someone in a game like this just seems utterly ridiculous. Both Alex and Paul have played great games and deserve his vote if they make it to the final two.

Even worse, Dent now goes to a jury that has for been completely screwed over by Paul and his stooges. Will this latest blindside seal Paul’s fate against whoever he brings with him to final two, or are these jurors capable of making the right decision and admitting that Paul played the best game ever?

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