Popular Big Brother 19 House guest Wants Romantic Relationship With Paul Outside The House


Didn’t see  that one coming.

Paul might have thought he had the jury won over after running the table for the entire Big Brother 19 season, not to mention  managing to stay off the block the entire time as well, but he was still handed a one vote loss for the second year in a row after Cody voted to hand Josh the victory!

Another thing fans probably didn’t see coming is the fact that apparently one Big Brother house guest is experiencing Stockholm syndrome after this season and is open to pursuing a relationship with Paul outside the house. In fact, she seems to be insanely infatuated and confused by the bearded one.

When asked about a potential relationship with Paul after Big Brother 19, Christmas Abbott, who finished third after breaking her foot early on in the season, told US Weekly that”“Yeah! You’re spending 92 days with somebody and I think we had a real connection night one.”

She also revealed to The Magazine that she has never told Paul about her feelings for him while they were in The Big Brother house due to how it might affect the game, but she is ready now to explore her feelings for him now that the game is over and they can go back to their normal lives.

What are your thoughts? Do Paul and Christmas make a cute couple or not? Let us know in the comments below!

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