Popular Big Brother 19 House guest Set To Return Next Season For Big Brother All Stars


Is Big Brother set to repeat their biggest mistake?

Big Brother 19 had all the potential in the world when the latest season of the popular reality show hit television in July, but one poorly thought out moment in the backyard  by Kevin and the surprise eviction of one of the more interesting house guests that season, Paul had arrived and the brain washing began.

Of course Cody, Jessica, Elena and Mark to some degree knew exactly what Paul was doing weeks before it became a central storyline on the show, but by then, it was impossible to stop the monster that was Paul in the house. In fact, fans were forced to watch person after person be tricked by Paul all season long.

With that being said and the poor reception that Big Brother of Paul’s return in mind, one has to wonder why Big Brother would even think about doing anything like that ever again. Unfortunately for fans of the show, it looks like the show is planning to do it all over again on a different scale.

According to a few sources, Raven Walton, who finished in the top-ten this season after being betrayed by Paul late in the game, has been asked to return to the show for next year’s, All Star edition. Unfortunately for fans, she didn’t give an official answer and might not reveal any details until closer to next season.

Its also not known if Matt Clines, who was her showmance for the season and could end up being her real life boyfriend if all goes well outside the house, will be returning alongside her significant other, but one could imagine Raven not lasting long in a house full of veterans from years past.

What are your thoughts? Should Raven return for next year’s All Star edition of the show? If she does, how do you think she will perform? Let us know in the comments below!



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