Popular Big Brother 19 House guest Caught Being Extremely Rude To Fans At a Party


Just when you think you know a person!

Big Brother 19 is in the books and while that is a probably a good thing for fans that were overwhelmed by the mass amount of drama that occurred on this year’s edition of the popular reality show, the stories seem to just keep coming! In fact, they keep getting juicer by the second!

Of course a lot of that has to do with how unexpected some of these story updates were, especially the one where Josh admitted that Cody apologized to him and his family for bullying him inside the house, but some are making waves for their bag behavior after the show as well.

According to Big Brother Spoilers,”Christmas Abbott is starting to show her real self in a series of exchanges since BB19 wrapped on Wednesday, September 20 and what she is showing is nothing nice. During the wrap party, Christmas ruffled a few people’s feathers by her rude behavior.”

The rumor goes on to claim that, “Big Brother 17 alum, Jackie Ibarra talked about her exchange with Christmas at the wrap party.  Apparently, Christmas rushed the BB fans away from her and refused to sign any autographs. When the fans asked for one, she told them to “make an appointment with her public relations rep. ”

What’s interesting here is how much it seems like Christmas is trying to carve out a bigger public image for herself, but decides to be rude to the very people who helped make her who she was to do that. It honestly makes no sense and is a far cry from the humble and driven girl that America fell in love with in the house.

With that being said and the recent news of Josh appearing on The Bold and The Beautiful,  and Cody and Jessica bringing their budding showmance to The Great American Race, it will be interesting to see how Christmas is able to capitalize off of her 15 minutes of fame, or if she even can.

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