Paul’s Plan For Big Brother Finale Night Revealed?


We’ve finally reached the end of the road.

Big Brother fans have been tuning in week after week to watch 16 strangers battle it out inside a heavily monitored house to see who will walk away with a half million dollars and while a majority of those fans aren’t thrilled that Paul is seemingly one move away from the victory, one has to wonder how he plans pull this off.

Its no secret that Paul and Josh will be faced with a bitter seven person jury Wednesday night during the Big Brother finale, but will that bitterness end up working against Paul or working agaisnt Josh? Furthermore, can the jury put their personal opinions aside and vote for the best player this season?

Apparently Paul has been anticipating all that and more and while he stands the best chance of all three finalists to win the entire game, he is still worried about what the jury is going to think of him when he faces this on finale night. That’s why his current plan is to drop Christmas and take Josh to the final two.

According to, “Paul has made it clear that he will bounce Christmas from the house and take Josh to the Final 2. His rationale is that as Josh was not well-liked by the other houseguests, victory should be his. He still regrets taking Nicole Franzel with him to the jury last year; she won by a vote of 5 to 4.”

The website goes on to  claim that, “Josh had been saying he would bring Christmas with him to the Final 2. However, he now realizes that he is far more likely to win over the jury by first apologizing for his behavior (as he has done via video messages) and then offering up a less attractive option in the form of Paul.”

Whats interesting here is that now Christmas isnt involved in either players final two plans and based on her vulnerable position in the game, it will take a miracle or more for either Josh or Paul to take Christmas to the final two. With that being said, her HOH wins and strong social game probably play a big -part in all that.

What are your thoughts? Can Josh win over the nine person jury with an apology and a statement that Paul shouldn’t win because of his deplorable behavior? Let us know in the comments below!!


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