NASCAR Officials Respond To Accusations of Toyota Cheating With Shocking Statement


Brad Keselowski has made some wild statements during his career as a Monster Energy Cup Series driver, but no matter how outlandish they are, he always seems to top them sooner or later. Fortunately for NASCAR fans interested in a little drama, Keselowski’s rants and raves continued after he once again accused Toyota of cheating.

With that being said, the reason for the tweet is said to be that Brad Keselowski was concered about the lack of speed that everyone else had compared to that of The Toyota’s at Chicagoland. Brad Keselowski has also made this claim earlier in the season when Toyota dominated qualifying and could very well be his excuse whenever he happens to come up short.

As mean spirited as that sounds, its not like Keselowski is setting the world on fire right now with his performances this season and that streak pretty much continued last weekend at Chicagoland where Keselowski qualified sixth and ended up fifth when all was said and done.

While that’s nothing to bat at eye at and is a strong showing for someone to make it to the next round of the playoffs, its easy to notice that he wishes he could perform better and actually believes that Toyota has some kind of unfair advantage when it comes to their cars.

NASCAR Executive Vice President and Chief Racing Development officer, Steve O’Donnell responded to Brad Keselowski’s comment about Toyota having an unfair advantage right now and while they did offer their usual no answer to Brad Keselowski’s  questions they also complimented him.

“Certainly our job is to put a level playing field out there,” O’Donnell said when asked about Keselowski’s accusations on Toyota and if some kind of investigation would take place,. “We’ve got a process that each of the (manufacturers) goes through and kind of witnesses. We believe they are on a level playing field.”

“I look at it as a little bit of posturing O’Donnell continues during his appearance on Sirius XM’s NASCAR Morning Show, Brad certainly ran well this weekend. At the end of the day, you’ve had that car all year long. It’s the playoffs, and you have to go out there and deliver.”

While the message sounds a little condescending at times and even seems antagonistic in some ways, its actually the nicest comment he received after the incident and could be Keselowski’s Que to go out and perform. Whether he actually takes that advice is ultimately up to him,  but this cant go on forever.

Whether this ends with NASCAR instituting some kind of investigation into Toyota’s record rise to the top, or Brad Keselowski just shuts up and drives remains to be seen, but one would hope that if more accusations come forward that NASCAR would at least look into the matter to put it to rest.

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