Former Cup Series Driver Calls Out NASCAR Fans For Being Racist


Is NASCAR and its fans racist?

Although the question might somewhat resemble a pun of some kind, its also a valid question that has been waged for years in the sport of NASCAR and threatens to bring it to the brink of extinction if the problem is handled in a politically correct manor.

For example, did you know that The Rebel Flag is present in the infield on almost every weekend of the racing season. NASCAR tried to put a stop to it a few years ago after the Charleston Church shooting by asking fans to not bring the flag to races and offering to exchange it for a American flag, but that fell on deaf ears at best.

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Another example is the recent string of National Anthem protests, which while most sports have participated and encouraged others to do so, NASCAR owners threatened to fire their drivers or team members if they dared protest during  The National Anthem.

Of course the mainstream media ate this up and former Cup Series driver, Bill Lester, was invited to CNN to discuss his time in sport and how he handled being the only active African american driver during his time in The Cup Series from 1999-2007.

“I have been booed and it was surprising to me. The Hall of Famer told CNN, ” I think I did a great job behind the wheel, I think that I respected the sport, but for no reason that I can foresee, I was booed. So that happened mostly at tracks where it’s very non-progressive. And I’ll just call it out. Talladega, Alabama, I’ve never been so uncomfortable in a racing environment as Talladega. And Martinsville, Virginia, which is specifically one of the places where I was booed very heavily. And I just couldn’t understand why.”

Unfortunatley for NASCAR and its fans, the reason is simple. NASCAR isn’t a progressive sport and some of its fans are still stuck in the mindset that people of color are inferior to that of white men and believe the rebel flag isn’t a racist symbol at all.

With that being said and the fact that NASCAR is going to just suddenly become progressive out of nowhere, especially with the rebel flag still seen all around the infield on race weekend, its just one of those things that wont be changed until the fans come to realize what they are doing to the sport.

These people that claim to be fans are  keeping it in its current state of controversy and are going to continue to do so until some kind of change is enacted. Whether that’s the ban of The Rebel flag in the infield or removing the sports ties to an old south kind a feel is up to them, but they need to do something or be left in the dust by other more politically correct sports.

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