Donald Trump Caught Accidentally Referencing A Country That Doesn’t Exist During Speech



Do we really have nothing better to do?

Of course i’m including myself in this conversation, but stories like this always beg the question of whether the people are stupid for overreacting or if The President is stupid for referencing a non existent country. With that being said, the results are really a crap shoot at this point.

“Nambia’s health system is increasingly self-sufficient,” Trump said during a speech at a working luncheon on Wednesday,” He could also be heard making the flub again later in the speech, which prompted even more people to tweet about the incident.

On one had, Donald Trump could be seen and heard referring to the country of Namibia as Nambia, which is ridiculously  funny in and of itself, but on the other hand, his detractors really only have on leg to stand on and that’s the fact that he only missed one I.

That’s right! Lets stop the presses and tell everyone that our country’s leader is an idiot for mispronouncing a country while talking about its health care system. In fact, lets continue the narrative that he is a bumbling orange colored moron and not realize the fact that slips happen.

It was one freaking letter! Get over it! If this is all the media really has to go on when trying to paint Donald Trump, then they’re more desperate then i ever thought they would be. They are literally scrapping the bottom of the barrel at this point over something so minuscule.

if a name flub is the best the media has on Trump right now, then that is still better or at least on par with all the mistakes that President Obama, President George W. Busch and Presidents before them made. It was an honest mistake. It doesn’t mean he’s incompetent and he should be fired, it means he’s human.

Get over it and find something better to do!



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