Real Reason Why Matt is Breaking Multiple House Rules Revealed


Why is Matt  breaking the rules in The Big Brother house? The answer might be a little more complicated then fans think.

A lot of fans think its to help Raven stay in the house as long as possible and while that might be part of it, it also seems that Matt is trying to get as much attention from viewers as possible in order to help promote Raven’s Gofundme page. Of course doing that also involves hurting his game and shot at the prize money in the process, but he’s more then proven he’s willing to do anything for her.

Matt started his rule breaking ways by eating regular food when he was supposed to be on slop. He then followed that up with several other incidents, which ultimately earned him a penalty vote.  After the penalty vote, he was asked again by production to stop, to which Matt replied that they knew where he stood on this.

With that being said and the constant barrage of Raven exposed party hashtags, it is likely that Matt is trying to break the rules in order to create more attention for Him and Raven in hopes of promoting Raven’s gofundme account. What also makes this likely is the fact that both Matt and Raven now realize that they are in virtually no one’s final three plans and have no hope of making it there.

In the end, it doesn’t look good on Big Brother’s part for allowing the blatant rule breaking to go unpunished and the penalty vote that Matt originally received for eating regular food while being a have not , pales in comparison to what producers should do to him for these transgressions.


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