Popular Big Brother House guest Accused Of Being A Child Molester


Just when you think you’ve seen everything!

Matt Clines has already been on a rampage this week after him and his ride or die, Raven, were put on the block and while fans probably thought that this would be the worst thing to happen, there are now reports from the live feeds that something far worse has happened.

According to Soapoperspy.com,”Alex claimed that Kevin is a murderer because he behaves like one if you watch the CSI -type shows. Jason looks at her confused and not really following what she meant. Flashback to 11:45 a.m., Alex accuses Kevin of being a child molester because he looks for people’s weakness, just like someone trying to find a child who won’t tell their family.”

With that being said, Paul is now apparently staying away from Kevin after Alex’s accusations and its believed that he will be the next to go. Hopefully for Kevin’s sake this doesn’t air during this week’s Wednesday and Thursday show and Alex has been talked to about the very serious situation.

If not, then Big Brother is absolutely letting house guests get away with anything this season and while fans hope that producers will draw the line somewhere in the sand, it is becoming more and more unlikely that anything of that nature will be happening.

What are your thoughts? Should Alex be removed from the game for her comments? Or is anything fair at this point in the game? Let us know in the comments below!

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