Popular Big Brother 19 Houseguest Planning To Self Evict This Week!


This is interesting.

While Sunday’s episode ended with Paul’s decision to call Jessica’s bluff about the halting hex and put Cody and Jessica on the block, there were still a lot of questions to be answered. One of which is what reason fans have to watch the show this week if everyone knows the outcome before it happens.

I’m of course referring to the fact ┬áthat the second Jessica stands up and uses the halting hex during Thursday’s live eviction, it will basically render the entire week useless and Paul’s HOH reign a failure. With that being said, there appears to be a little bit of a shake up in the plans. A very weird one.

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Although Jessica and Cody have seemed rock steady since Cody returned to the house by winning the battle back competition two weeks ago, there appears to be cracks in the relationship and according to Big Brother spoilers,  Paul and Jessica are in talks to get Cody out this week.

Unfortunately for Paul, the request didn’t come without some conditions, one of which being that Jessica is safe for the next two weeks and will at least be able to make it jury. The other condition was that whoever got head of household next week had to put Alex up and get her out.

Why thought? Why would Jessica take that kind of deal at this point in time? Paul has made claims throughout their discussions together that Jessica would have a much better game if she dropped Cody and joined Paul’s team, but how long would that last and whats to say it wouldn’t just be buying time?

With all that in mind, the plan now, according to Big Brother spoilers, is that Paul has everyone on his team trying to bait Cody into a confrontation and hopefully try to show Jessica how unstable he is. There is some hope that the move will also cause Cody to self evict himself, but the main point is to trick Jessica

How the group plans to do this has apparently been fleshed out as well and they plan to try to attack Cody’s military status. There was already a rumor in the first couple weeks that Cody had his military dog tags glued together and that most individuals in the military don’t do that and are told not to.

In the end, the plan is to try to get Cody to self evict this week and while there’s a good chance that Jessica is just telling Paul what he wants to hear in order to save her boyfriend, but the possibility of an explosive confrontation and a self eviction sounds pretty good too.

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