First Grader Gets Punished For Accidentally Calling Transgender Child By Their Birth Name


How would you handle a situation like this?

Rocklin Academy, which has already made headlines this month after a teacher hosted a gender reveal to her students and read children’s books about the topic of being transgender, finds itself in hot water again after it was reported that a first grade was sent to the principal’s office for misgendering a fellow student.

With that being said, the incident occurred when an unidentified first grader called a fellow classmate by the name she knew them by before their gender reveal this year. It is worth noting that the student was a boy last year at school and had been reintroduced as a girl this year.

The transgender student then reportedly told their teacher about what happened and the offending student was sent to the principal’s for the incident. Its not known if she was punished by the principal during their meeting, but the fact that someone could get in trouble for misgendering someone has stirred some controversy.

In fact, many conservative outlets have come out in support of the child that got in trouble for calling the student by the wrong name and claim that children should not be able to change genders during this early part of their life. The belief is that young children don’t have the mental capacity to make lifelong decisions like transitioning and the decision is something prompted by the parent.

Whether that is true or not remains to be seen and will probably be open to interpretation for years to come, but what isn’t OK is the fact that students are now being though policed at a young age to just accept the transgender narrative or face punishment for not doing so.

What about the christian child that doesn’t believe these kind of things are possible or are what god has intended? Sure, most believe this is a bigoted point of view and has no place in today’s accepting narrative, but shouldn’t the christian student ¬†feel comfortable and not like their viewpoints are being condemned?

Furthermore, why send the kid to the principal’s office for a simple mistake? Did they really have to scare the poor kindergartner by sending them to the principal’s office instead of just having a conversation between the two affected students and the teacher to work things out.

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