Dale Earnhardt Jr Caught Having A Meltdown During Pure Michigan 400


Its OK to be angry every once in a while.

With that being said, Dale Earnhardt Jr has a unique quality about him that separates the most popular driver from the rest of the field and that’s his god like ability to keep his composure in intense situations. Of course everyone has their moments and unfortunately for Dale Jr, he had his during The Pure Michigan 400.

Again, its OK to be angry, especially after the up and down season that Dale Jr has had this year, but its never a good idea to take it out on your teammates. Dale JR sadly does just that when he radios his crew during the beginning laps of the race to tell them that the lap times on the dash are crap.

Jr’s spotter TJ Majors tries to smooth over the situation quickly by offering to tell JR the lap times himself, but JR responded by telling his team that he didn’t want lap times and that the dash was messed up. He then finished by yelling to the team that it was annoying him.

Of course his words were a lot spicier then that, but the sentiment of anger here is clear. What also seems to be clear is Dale JR’s mounting frustration with his equipment his team and his teams speed. Hopefully JR and his team are able to find more speed come Saturday night at Bristol, but if not, its going to be more of the same for JR and he’ll probably let his team know about it over the radio.

Maybe JR wont have to yell at his team however, as Bristol is surprisingly among his best tracks at The Cup level. In fact, in 34 races, JR has one win, eight top-fives and 16 top-ten’s. Is Bristol the track to put JR back on track for a championship in his final season? Let us know in the comments below!

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