Cody Makes Shocking Mistake After Losing Chance To Play in The Veto Comp


Its difficult to see someone be their own worst enemy.

Furthermore, its very hard when that same person had many chances in one episode to stay in the game longer to achieve his goals, but failed at every single one of them. In fact, he failed so badly, that he was forced to start lying to house mates in order to gain sympathy.

With that being said, the incident that sign sealed and delivered his fate to the jury was when he was called by Alex and Christmas during a shouting match with Mark and decided not to go out to help. Instead he just sat in his room and listen in as the people he wants to team up with and flip the house sat and suffered.

Its no secret that Cody could have made a game defining move here and came to Elena and Marks defense, but just sat there and let them be berated by the entire house. How in the world are Elena supposed to trust you, more or less work with you, if you refuse to help them?

Cody could have easily come through for them, and exposed Paul, Christmas’s, Alex and Kevin’s alliance, which could have flipped the house once several of Paul’s followers found out they would be on the chopping block in the coming weeks, but did nothing.

Its almost as if Cody doesn’t care anymore and cant wait to leave the game this Thursday night. Then again, maybe its a ploy to get to the jury first and then slowly try to get them to turn on Paul once they were voted out. Either way, Cody has vowed to ruin as many games as possible in the process and nothing looks to be out of bounds.

In the end, Cody had three chances to save his game this week. 1 was the temptation competition,which he accidentally got a question right and ended up losing out on last place. 2 was when he was caught intentionally lying to other houseguests in order to gain sympathy and grow his numbers. Then there’s 3, which was the former marine failing to come to his teams defense.

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