Big Brother Producers Planning A Huge Surprise For Fans This Thursday!


How many times have people said that this season has everything?

While that might sound like an exaggeration, fans of the popular reality show have already witnessed outlandish bullying tactics, three of the best house fights in recent memory and two villains that will stop at nothing to get petty revenge on the rest of the house.

Unfortunately for Elena and Mark, it looks like those two villains, Cody and Jessica are both planning to leave The Big Brother house this week. Of course there is still time for them to change their mind and continue to fight for the half million dollar prize, but as of right now, they are at least talking about it.

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According to Big Brother live feeds, Jessica asked Cody today whether he would self evict if she got sent home this week. He told her he would without hesitating, which is causing many to believe that producers are preparing for the possibility of their two biggest villains walking out the door this week.

Whats interesting here is that this announcement comes only a few days after Josh and Christmas started to discuss how to backdoor Paul, which could be the producers backup plan for the rest of the show if Cody and Jessica do really plan to leave this week.

That leaves Eleana and Mark to fight for themselves and while they might be safe due to the betray that is being teased between Christmas, Josh and Paul, Cody might stay in the house if Jessica doesn’t get voted out this week. Then again, they may do it regardless of the vote, but that would mean that there will be three people evicted this week.

Should they leave thought? If they do, at least they can go on with their lives and not be bullied by the house, but it also prevents them from having a chance to win all the money at the end of the game. Are they willing to give up that money? Furthermore, do they think they still even have a chance at the money?

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