Big Brother Producers Caught Rigging The Game In Cody And Jessica’s Favor?


Something isn’t right here.

Its no secret that the entire house has been against Cody and Jessica almost from the very start and while Jessica was able to silence the house’s decision with her halting hex last week, it appears that her and Cody aren’t even on the HOH’s radar this week.

Of course Josh, who won HOH honors after getting the high score in a ghoulish golf competition, has claimed multiple times that he wants Cody or Jessica out this week, but his diary room interviews and secret conversations reveal a completely different story.

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Not only that, it also seems that while Cody and Josh were attached at the hip last week during operation get Cody out, the show is now teasing a split between the two. Furthermore, by way of spoilers and conversations seen on the show, it looks like Christmas, Kevin, and Mark are poised for an uprising.

The problem with this again is that it seems so outlandish of a possibility after Josh was willing to follow Paul’s commands last week and even took part in bullying Jessica and Cody. With that in mind, he says his reasoning for not targeting Team Jody is that he thinks Elena is a bigger target.

Don’t get me wrong, she probably is and will float over to whatever side will have her, but that still doesn’t explain why Josh would even want to risk Jessica in Cody staying in the game for another week. In fact, its almost as if producers of the show are trying to change the narrative and keep the duo in the game.

The obvious reason for this is the ratings, which have been insanely high this year due to the constant conflict in the house between Paul, Cody and Jessica, and producers probably don’t want that to stop anytime soon. With that being said, it looks like they have a back up plan to ensure it doesn’t.

It is being reported by Big Brother Network’s twitter account that there is a Friday mystery episode coming up next week and it could either be a concert style clip show like they did last year, or it could be the second battle back of the summer, which will presumably include Cody or Jessica.

Its not known if this is the case or not yet, but if it is, it goes without saying that Ramses, whoever gets evicted this week and the two evictees next week will compete for another chance in The Big Brother house. It could even be Jessica versus Cody in a battle back if both of them get evicted and that would definitely be most see tv.

Of course some people are going to take this as presumptuous nonsense, but it really looks like the producers are pulling the strings here. Kevin already mentioned earlier this year that the producers were puppet masters behind the scenes and its not outside the realm of possibility that its still going on.

And why would they want to get rid of Jessica and Cody when ratings are so good right now?  If nothing else, Cody and Jessica will be safe for the foreseeable future and Paul is the one that needs to worry now. What are your thoughts? Is Big Brother trying to flip the script on Paul? Let us know in the comments below!

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