Big Brother Producers Caught Issuing Shocking Warning To Josh On The Live Feeds


This is something fans of Big Brother have wanted to see for weeks, but is it really possible? While that might sound a little exaggerated, the latest Big Brother Live feed spoilers seem to point to Josh having a conversation with Christmas about Paul. Even more juicy is the fact that it involved Josh telling her that production wanted him to question Paul’s loyalty.

According to,Josh told Christmas Abbott that production urged him to question whether Paul is really loyal to him. He claimed that they made him think twice about going to the final three with him. BB19 spoilers indicate that Christmas has picked up that Paul is playing everyone in the house.”

The conversation also revealed that Christmas was catching on about Paul playing both sides of the house, but also still wanted to take him to final three. With that being said, this seems to point to either two things happening the next couple of weeks.

    1. Josh and Christmas work to get Paul out of the house, which will ensure both of them a favorable vote with the jury.
    2. Christmas and Josh are destined for a split and whoever attacks the other one first will most likely make to final three with Paul.

Which one happens is anyone’s guess and while there is still a lot of support from fans behind Paul, it seem like the show is planting more and more seeds of backstabbing in the weeks leading up to the finale. Its entirely possible that production has seen their mistake by keeping Paul in the game and is working to correct it.

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