Jessica Caught Spreading Nasty Rumors About Raven and Matt


Does Jessica and Cody even surprise anyone anymore?

Sure, Cody’s cold and calculated demeanor may have been a little off putting in the beggining, but now its expected from the man who was evicted from the house just a week ago. With that being said, Jessica has had a few moments of insensitivity herself, and no it looks like she’s back to her old ways.

According to, Jessica has been going around the house and telling everyone that Raven and Matt had sex one night while in bed. While this in itself is nothing out of the ordinary and should usually be kept as a private matter, Jessica keeps going around the house and claiming to have seen them doing it.

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Again, people do hook up in The Big Brother house and the couple seem to have a genuine connection with each other, but why would Jessica be so petty and spread this information throughout the house and even worse, claim to be in the same room while it was happening.

Does anyone else see something wrong here? Let us know in the comments below!

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