Jessica Accused Of Sexually Harassing Popular House Guest


That’s just creepy!

Cody and Jessica are by far the two of the most creepy and utterly evil house guests Big Brother has had in years and it is becoming apparent day by day that their reign of terror is only beginning. In fact, Jessica, who is in a shomance with Cody, is now being accused of sexually harassing other house guests.

It gets better though as some sites are reporting that Jessica is actually crazy enough to go around and put her finger in other house guests rear ends. She has apparently done this to Paul multiple times now, none of which have been shown on camera and she was even asked by producers to stop her harassment!

According to Online Big Brother, Jessica has a strange habit of sticking her finger in people’s rear end. She has been told not to do it, but she continues. Big Brother 19 spoilers state that Paul is tired of it and he feels violated by her actions. Kevin Schlehuber agrees and refers to her behavior as sexual harassment.”

Of course sexual harassment is not funny at all, but it will be interesting to see if her actions continue now that she is no longer the head of household and has a serious chance of at least being put on the block this week. If nothing else, she’s at least not going to be as confident as she was before.

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