House Guest Caught Sexually Harassing Alex During Live Eviction!


What a season!

Two injuries, a house full of explosive personalities and the most versatile threat being taken out in a matter of weeks is only a few of the highlights from this season of Big Brother. Of course with all the controversy already in this year’s house, its easy for some things to get lost in the shuffle.

One of those things happens to be the blatant sexual harassment that took place during last week’s live eviction of Cody and while most fans probably missed it, Ramses could be seen grabbing Alex’s leg in the heat of the moment, but was pushed off in a matter of seconds by the popular houseguest.

It was later revealed in a spoiler post that Alex is unhappy with Ramses for some reason, but didn’t really speculate as to why. It could be because Ramses betrayed Paul by accidentally trying to win the veto competition last week, but it could also be his inappropriate touching of Alex during the live eviction.

Who knows really, but the problem here is that season 19 has had a lot of personal space issues inside the house. One of those problems occurred when Cody and Jessica threatened to expose Josh as a sexual predator, but the moment was never played on television and was quickly forgotten

another thing that was forgotten was Raven’s foot injury that received no airplay either and was only mentioned on spoiler sites and the live feeds. She also competed in this week’s Head Of Household competition without problem, but she was eliminated early on.





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