Donald Trump Using Taxpayer Money To Buy Fake Twitter Followers


Trump has been accused of some pretty horrendous things over the course of his short political career, but none of them seem as damning or as completely ridiculous as him buying twitter followers. Unfortunately for the 45th president of The United States, these are indeed the accusations and there’s proof!

Ok, maybe not absolute proof. In fact, the proof will all depend on how legitmate you consider to be, but according to,”Trump currently has 31 million followers and, sure enough, if you browse through them you will find an unusual number of tweet-less, picture-less accounts that joined the service in May 2017.

The article goes on to claim that if readers go to and type in Donald Trump’s twitter handle, he will come up with only 51% of his twitter fans being real people. Furthermore, the article claims that he has had an increase in fake followers at the beginning of the year as well.

According to ,”In January, journalist Yashar Ali ran an audit on Trump’s Twitter account and found that 68 percent of his then-20 million followers were real. Now he’s at 30 million followers, but only 51 percent are real, which means of 10 million followers Trump has gained since January, about 8.3 million are fake.”

If these accusations are true, it could mean that Donald Trump is using taxpayer money in order to increase his twitter following. Whether that’s true or not remains to be seen and will be interesting to watch as more information is uncovered, its still pretty funny though!

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