Donald Trump Makes Sexist Remark After Meeting French President’s Wife.


Donald Trump has remained a constantly watched figure since announcing his intention to run for president two years ago and has only continued to be scrutinized by every conceivable angle after being elected president in November and later sworn in as commander in Chief in January.

With that being said, Donald Trump sometimes makes mistakes and doesn’t choose his words the way he probably should, which ultimately makes for some pretty hilarious headlines from both sides of the political aisle. Take his trip to France for example, where he made the mistake of complimenting the french president’s wife.

You know, you’re in such good shape,” Trump told the french President’s wife, ¬†Brigitte Macon, and later repeated the phrase to the french President himself before calling her beautiful. Unfortunately for Trump, the comment was also made in front of his wife, which probably didn’t help things in the eyes of his enemies.

It also wont help the female’s demographics opinion of him, especially since feminists are already coming out against Trump’s comments and calling for an apology from the commander in Chief. If it happens or not remains to be seen, but it really seems like a bunch of hoopla over an offhand comment.

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