Controversial Family Allowed Back On Youtube After Bullying And Abusing Their Kids


Youtube has had a rough year so far.

It started with mass demonetization that left many up and coming creators without a way to make a living doing what they love and only got worse when rumors started circulating that channels were losing subscribers at a massive rate, which was rumored to be due to an unsubscribe glitch in the system.

While there was never any concrete evidence of that, Youtube creators started scrambling to find new forms of income by either doing more videos, starting a patreon or selling various forms of merchandise. Some left the platform completely after becoming frustrated by what they called an injustice.

There were even rumors circulating that Youtube was censoring controversial content such as LGBT videos, depression videos and even bullying. Youtube soon became flooded with videos either complaining about what was being censored or calling for a full out boycott of the system that they felt screwed them.

Unfortunately for all those creators, the boycott never really organized and some content creators continued to leave while others stayed and continued to complain about the lack of income. Of course things calmed down a little bit, but there are still creators today complaining about demonetization.

With all this in mind, and Youtube’s continued trial and error process of trying to make the website more family friendly, why would they then choose to allow a family that has bullied and abused their own children to keep using the platform and even make money?

The family in question is Daddyofive and although the father, Mike Martin, has lost custody of two of the children Cody and Emma,  from a previous marriage, he  and his wife are now back on Youtube. Even worse, they are trying to spin the situation to make themselves look like the victims in the situation.

The family, which is composed of five children and the two parents, gained a following on Youtube by playing pranks on each other, the most devastating one being the multiple times that the father put up his son, Cody for adoption and even fake called the police on him.

The family continued to gain a following for months and also had many of their subscribers cheer when the children were abused. With that being said, the family still has a dedicated fanbase even after losing two kids, and having a protection order levied against them.

In the end, Joy Sparkle BS, Suityourself, Chambersofmyheart and several others, who came to the aid of the children after watching some of the videos will most likely continue to monitor the family and try to get them removed from the site, but it wont matter until Youtube itself puts a stop to the madness.

As for how to help persuade Youtube to remove Daddyofive from the platform and put an end to this family trying to make money off of child abuse, please tweet @teamyoutube about this until they answer. Please join us in sending a message that this isn’t OK and should be stopped.


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