Big Brother: Cody Makes Game Threatening Mistake During Nomination Ceremony


What a strange few days its been.

The popular reality television show returned to CBS this week and while everything seemed like business as usual at first, the season quickly derailed from there as accusations were made, intentions were made crystal clear and  frontruners were left evicted.

That front runner was Megan, who despite having military training and a very bold personality, was dogged down early in the game with PTSD and constant panic attacks. Sources are claiming that she had felt physicality ill since entering the house and the racist remark incident later Thursday night was the final straw.

That said, Megan is now off the block and out of the game, leaving Cody to fill her spot with Alex. Unfortunately for Cody, Alex was also able to later take herself off the block and had to nominate Jason for eviction instead. Furthermore, a later conversation between the HOH group seems to reveal that Jason is the new target.

This is a weird selection for Cody, who has remained stone faced and dominant throughout the opening week of the show, especially since he has already expressed interest in getting rid of VIP concierge girl, Jessica, because he found her distracting and a threat.

Of course the two are said to be an item inside the house right now and that could be an even bigger threat to Cody’s game if he isnt able to bring himself to put her on the block and get her out of the game. Its also being said that Jessica is just using Cody for power and will do away with him when the time is right.

Whether Jason is the final target or not remains to be seen, but this could be a big mistake on Cody’s part if he doesn’t take out his bigger threat sooner rather then later. Sure, Cody could probably win another HOH competition and get rid of her another time, but keeping a distraction in the game in the meantime is not good.

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