BB19 Producers Refusing To Acknowledge House Guests Injury For Shocking Reason


There is a lot going on in the house right now.

Paul, who came up short to Nicole last season, seems to be running things right now and might be on track to dominate the house for the rest of the game. Of course a lot of his early success can be attributed to his power of protection pendant he won in the first week, but his social game definitely helps.

That’s not the only news however as it seems that Big Brother is refusing to even acknowledge the fact that house guest, Raven is injured and had to get three stitches in her foot after she fell down the stairs late last week. Raven was of course shown with a crutch during the veto ceremony but nothing was said.

Raven who was revealed to have Gastroparesis, which is a disease that affects her ability to digest food, and while you would think that fans would be supportive and encouraging to the young dance instructor, it appears that fans are tired of hearing about it

That is the believed reason why her fall down the stairs was never mentioned on television and could also be why she is not being featured in any of this weeks episodes. Unfortunately for her, this is a pretty big sign that the producers don’t know what to do with her and will be getting rid of her sooner rather then later.

She was even almost offered up as replacement nominee this week in place of either Dominique or Jessica, but the plan was shut down and it was decided to keep nominations the same. Raven might also survive next week since  Christmas is believed to be the target, but she might not last long after that.

What are your thoughts? Are fans tired of hearing about Raven’s story? Has Big Brother over exploited it over the last couple of weeks? Let us know in the comments below!

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