BB19 Producers Planning To Expose Controversial Houseguest During Live Eviction


How can someone make such a dumb mistake.

Jessica might have lectured Cody countless times on how to play the game and even called him the worst Big Brother player ever, but the mistake she made this week while talking to fellow houseguest, Kevin has to be one of the dumbest decision in Big Brother history.

For some reason, Jessica choose to talk about her halting hex power with Kevin and while she did the fellow houseguest that she did have the power to halt any of the next four evictions, she also lied about the power by telling Kevin that she and Cody would be picking the house’s punishment as well.

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She also lied about what exactly the halting hex power was, telling Kevin  she and Cody had the power to pick the house punishment for The Halting Hex and are safe for the next four weeks. Unfortunately for Jessica and Cody, that will be exposed Thursday when Julie Chen reveals the actual punishment

According to”, Jessica talked to Kevin and revealed to him that she won the third Temptation. However, she didn’t tell him the whole truth about what the power is. She exaggerated it a lot, essentially claiming that she and Cody will be safe for four weeks and that she can put anyone on the block if anyone tries to nominate her or Cody.”

What this exactly does to her game is anyone’s guess, but with power changing hands after Thursday’s live eviction, and Jessica almost guaranteed to be exposed once Julie Chen announces the punishment for the house, its pretty safe to say that her and Cody will need a new game plan in order to survive the coming weeks.

The halting hex does still benefit them, but only for three more weeks and one of those weeks is the live eviction on Thursday night. While the house is once again planning a mutiny against what Cody and Jessica want, which is Josh gone, its not known whether the duo will catch on to the flip or not in time to use the Hex.

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