BB19 Houseguest Caught Lying About Their Illness To Get Donations?


Raven Walton is one of Big Brother’s most popular house guests this season.

Of course a lot of that has to do with the fact that she is bubbly and dances around the house like a ballerina most of the time, but it also has to do with her incredible story of overcoming Gastroparesis to compete in this year’s season of Big Brother. Unfortunately for Raven, some fans are calling the young dance teacher a fraud.

#Ravenexposedparty has been trending on twitter over the past few days and while some are coming out in support of the young dance teacher and her plight to live life to the fullest, others are questioning her every move in the house and wondering if Raven’s true intention is to just scam viewers out of money.

Some fans had doubts from the very beggining of Raven’s journey in the house and got tired of hearing her about her story over and over again. Other fans point to a moment in the yard between her, Josh and a few other house guests where she seemed to imply that her disease is fatal.

Gatroparesis is defined by The National Origination of rare diseases,” as a clinical syndrome characterized by sluggish emptying of solid food (and more rarely, liquid nutrients) from the stomach, which causes persistent digestive symptoms especially nausea and primarily affects young to middle-aged women”

Raven has been very outspoken about her illness and the electronic pacemaker that is in her stomach to help her digest her food. She has since drawn backlash from fans who say that her description of the rare disease is a lie and she is in no where near as fatal as she implied.

Going back to the conversation she had with her fellow housemates in the yard, she told them that the pacemaker in her stomach was on vibration level 9, which is only 6 levels away from the highest setting on the device. She then told them that once she reached that level on her pacemaker there would be nothing doctors could do to help her.

According to,”When food sits for too long in the stomach, it can slowly harden into a solid mass known as a bezoar. Not only do they cause significant discomfort, but bezoars also can be life-threatening.” This is believed to be what Raven was talking about when she said the disease was life threatening.

With that in mind, fans of the popular CBS reality show heard about Raven’s illness and started a gofundme for the young dance teacher to help cover her medical expenses. The account was then handed over to Raven’s mom, who is now running the account and accepting donations on behalf of her daughter.

“For the naysayers who want to rip us apart, I’ll pray for you,” Raven’s mom said in a video about the situation, “Because you don’t walk in my shoes and you don’t know our medical history and everything we’ve battled,“But I’ll pray for you, because I do know this: in these days and times, people sure are brave behind a keyboard.”

Some are accusing the Raven’s mom, who also suffers from Gastroparesis herself, of already pulling out funds from her daughters gofundme account, but no real solid details have been given on that, and even if she has already withdrawn money from the account, there’s no rule against doing so.

in the end, the world isn’t going to get many answers about the situation until Raven’s exit interview, which could be awhile given how far she has flown under the radar so far in this game. In fact, if Raven sticks true to her strategy and comes out as a strong competitor, she might make top-3 .

Of course its important to remember that the details of Raven’s illness are and should be between her, her family and her doctor. While it is ok to speculate at times and ask questions about the truthfulness of the situation, it is not ok to shame someone and attack them on social media.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below! are you

If you feel like donating to Raven’s Gofundme, please click here to do so. I’m sure her and her family would really appreciate it!

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