Alex Planning To Backdoor Popular Houseguest Next Week


Power was up for grabs in a  endurance competition Thursday night after Cody was evicted from the Big Brother house and while Jason and Alex battled it out for over an hour on the hanging wall, Jason eventually made a deal with Alex to keep him safe and hand her the HOH.

That’s not the only news to come out of the house however as it is now rumored that Dominique and Jessica are the favorites to go up on the block this week. Furthermore, another rumor going around is that Alex is willing to back door Christmas, if Dominique is somehow able to pull herself off the block.

Even worse, while Paul, who served as head of household last week and still has a week on his ring of protection pendant, is trying to save Christmas from being the backup plan, Raven, Elena, Matt, Mark,  Dominique, are all willing to vote out Christmas if Dominique gets off the block.

Christmas, who won the ring of protection after winning a Big Brother fan vote to enter The Den of Temptation, injured her foot in the back yard last week and was briefly removed from the game in order to have surgery on two broken bones in her foot. She has’t returned yet, but was able to cast her vote over the phone.

Unfortunately for Christmas, she cast one of the three votes to evict, Ramses from the Big Brother house, which apparently isn’t sitting well with other house guests once they found out. They also probably feel that giving Christmas time to heal and keeping her around would make her too much of threat later on.

Of course that’s probably true, but its going to be pretty sad to see if Christmas gets evicted from the house next week and isn’t able to compete in the Battle back challenge next Friday night due to her foot injury. With that being said, her future seems to lie in the hands of Dominique  this week and that might not be a good thing.

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