U.S Women’s Soccer Player Being Shamed For Her Christian Beliefs


Religious persecution is a word that has gotten thrown around a lot lately.

Sometimes it’s just a buzz word that those who are religious use to justify their outdated beliefs and try to keep things the same, but other times their claims of religious persecution are as true as the day is long. Take U.S Woman’s National soccer player, Jaelene Hinkle for example, who despite making a decision not to play in the next two games due to not wanting to wear a pride Jersey, is being publicly shamed for doing so.

Of course, it’s not known why Hinkle, who is a devout Christian is not going to play in the next couple of games, but those in the sports world are speculating that it has to do with not wanting to wear a rainbow pride jersey to celebrate gay pride month. Unfortunately for Hinkle and anyone else wanting to express their religious beliefs, they apparently aren’t allowed to, even if they do so quietly.

And that’s what makes this case so out of the ordinary. Not only has Hinkle not said a word about not appearing in the next two games on social media, which is seemingly her way of being quiet on the matter and allowing others to have their beliefs, she is already dealing with a great deal of backlash already for simply having her own religious beliefs and sticking to them.

Believe it or not, the backlash she is facing is 1, based on speculation and 2 thought policing at its absolute worse. It’s not enough now to simply opt out of something you don’t believe in. No! Now those that disagree with the LGBT narrative are publicly shamed in the worse way possible and are branded a villain for exercising what should be their first amendment right.

Again, she didn’t make a public statement about why she would not be playing in those next two games. She didn’t even say anything about the matter on social media, but since it is known that Hinkle is a devout Christian and has made posts about LGBT issues in the past, the media thinks it’s perfectly alright to shame her for what should be her right to exercise her religion.

It honestly seems like America has gone from the extreme of it’s not ok to be gay, to the also extreme, it’s not ok to disagree with those who are gay and you’re also forced to support them or risk public shaming. Does anyone see a problem with that? Does anyone else see that this is thought  policeing at its finest and will only get worse if the media continues to shame anyone that speaks negatively or doesn’t speak at all about LGBT issues?

That’s not equality though. At least not for everyone. Of course, that’s equality for them. Equality they do deserve after spending the last five decades fighting for their rights to love whoever they want, but why does it have to come at the expense of others? If the LGBT community wanted to be seen in equal standing as the rest of the world, they would stop using their narrative to incite hate and shame against anyone who disagreed.

In the end, Hinkle has every right to exercise her religious beliefs as long as she is not hurting someone in the process and she obviously isn’t. So why make a stink about something that is clearly nothing more then Hinkle’s right as an American? Does she no longer have the rights to believe what she believes and to make decisions that coincide with her faith? If not, why?

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One thought on “U.S Women’s Soccer Player Being Shamed For Her Christian Beliefs

  1. As a gay man she is entitled to her beliefs.She should not be shamed for not wearing the Pride Jersey.It is her right not to sipport the Lgbt community.She is not hurting anyone.

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