30% Of Americans Say They Will Stop Drinking If The Media Covers Trump Fairly


There’s desperation and then theirs this.

A lot of people have their vices in life. For some people it could be as simple as chocolaty covered treats that are just calling their name in the fringe at night, while others turn to the numbing of their minds and bodies by alcohol and various types of drugs.  With that in mind, how willing are people to give up those things?

A new survey conducted by Detox.net claims that 73% of Democrats  would willingly give up drinking alcohol if it meant that Donald Trump would be impeached. The study also claimed that 17% of Republicans would do the same if the former reality television star turned president was ousted from office.


The study also found that over 30% of Republicans would stop drinking if the media would stop pumping out negative stories about Trump.  The study is available at detox.com and includes some very interesting states about what people are willing to give up in order to continue their drinking habits.

For example, the study found that 50% of the 1013 people surveyed said they would rather give up social media then drinking. 17% of the people surveyed  also said that they would rather give up sex then drinking alcohol. With that being said, this shows two things about Americans and their opinions on Donald Trump.


  1. Republicans would give up drinking if the media would lay off of Trump a little.
  2. Democrats are desperate to get rid of Donald Trump

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